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I'll bring the cookies, you bring the milk < 3
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in lauren's LiveJournal:

Monday, September 12th, 2005
8:00 pm
I haven't worked out how to edit old entries =/ wha. i'm in a quizzy mode. i love quizzies xD
Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...erotic
Your hugs are...gentle
Your eyes...sparkle like the stars
Your touch is...heart warming
Your smell is...exotic
Your smile is...hypnotising
Your love is...one of a kind
Quiz created with MemeGen!
7:44 pm
september 12, already? geez time flys. School is so weird at the moment. Quite frankly it sucks. I hate my gcse options, so tomorrow i have to talk to my form tutor and try get them changed, i don't think she'll be too pleased, but i can't take two years of subjects i'm not into.

ahh romance, pathetic love life but i can dream <3

How you really say "I love you." by lenatheraven
...believe in true love?
Your hands sayWith me, you'll never be lost.
Your eyes sayYou're amazing.
Your hugs sayNothing I desire compares with you.
Your kisses sayI am addicted to you.
Your body saysJust curl up next to me.
Your heart saysJe t'aime.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, July 24th, 2005
10:48 pm
My ipod won't work =( i've been at in for two hours and no luck. it won't even install itunes.

Current Mood: arr, FRUSTRATION!!
8:25 pm
I'm bored, i just got an ipod. I need to wait for it to charge and such so i'm an impatient little monkey at the moment. Kinda sad though since i just spent £200 out of my savings account.

While i wait i'm in a random site mood :D

Heres and interesting site, you download a pluggin at then people can see what your listening to, find people who like the same stuff etc. its not working for me at the mo but heres the link to my account --> http://www.audioscrobbler.com/user/TheWorldisBlack/

Mum and dad are out ignoring each other as usual so we get pizza, its all i like, and drinks woo.

Current Mood: dum de dum
Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
8:11 pm
Oww my hands hurt ;o
To celebrate the last day of school it was someones bright idea to have a sleepover on friday night. I hate them but thought i better go so not to look weirdo lol. We all arrived way to early, about 2pm, so we had alot of time to fill. After awhile of hanging around watching tv and reading magazines we got around to doing stuff. Played the usual sleepover games full of stupidness, it was fun :D No one had to run around the garden naked or anything so that was a bonus lol. We stayed up all night even though everyone started getting grouchy and the fun faded away for awhile.

On Saturday morning we had to get ready to go to samba carnival to play drums on a float for hours on end. i'd been told that our float was going to be 45ft long so we spent ages looking around for a float monster when i spotted our music teacher desperatly sticking bunting to the side of a diddy little truck. it was so stupidly small it was hilarious. but afterawhile of decorating it started to look good and we won some sort of award for having a nice looking float, which was nice. I looked ok on no sleep, before i was attacked with make up stolen from the drama room, some girl gave me a green nose, gold cheeks and yucky lipstick. then nichelle ordered everyone needed a kiss mark on their cheek, great. mwah.
Then we all ran out of refreshments, so afew of us went into a little off licence supermarket thing, the security guard kept following us around, we were making alot of noise though lol. on the way out he randomly burst out laughing, we did look like fools.
'Can you hear the samba?' 'oh yeah!' the float set off at like 3 miles an hour which is nothing but stood holding a drum and dancing its quite scary :o plus the fact the stupid driver kept jerking the truck so we all lost out balance, no one fell off though. it would be funny, as long as it wasn't me, hehehe.
3 hours of looking like i was enjoying myself, maybe i secretly was :o we drew up and the final spot and we all got off. my arms were aching, they still our, but my best mate was worse off with blisters all over her hands, poor her.
because it was a carnival there was aload of rides at the fair. aimee went off on one with her mum, then i lost my best mate so was looking around rather lemonish for awhile. but i found her, and we went around with 2 guys from the band. we all went on the waltzers, went to slow and the guy that pushes the cart had a fag in his mouth so we were subjected to cig smoke through the whole ride. i gave him a dirty look on the way out but i don't think he gave a shit.
Then we went to a really fast spinning thing that i can't remember the name of, we all got split up as theres only room for 3 in a carriage. so me and L got in one on our own, we were all ready to go when this random girl we had never seen wanted to get in, i wasn't happy but we let her. she was alot bigger than me and kept falling into me, really squashing and smashing the phone in my pocket against the metal sides everytime we turned. when it ended i couldn't get the safety bar off fast enough and had to check my phone was still working, which it was, so yay. we went on a few more no descript rides each costing £2 so i got poor quick lol. i bought some candyfloss and a pepsi which was so overpriced. it said like 42p on the can and the guy made me pay 80p for it, rip off but i was so thirsty. after ripping me off the bloke said he liked the yellow in my hair and that maybe i should go for green next time, thanks for that.
matt and johnny wanted to go on those rides that went upside down, so me and lauren decided to walk home. which in its self was a task on its own since it took so long lol.
i'm so tired i've passed the stage of tiredness and can't nap :o

Current Mood: need sleep, can't sleep
Friday, July 22nd, 2005
2:15 pm
last day of hell hole
Last day of school. Non uniform day and some sort of 60s theme, a few teachers dressed up in crappy outfits and as usual some had to go over the top with wackiness, but whatever. The last day, week for that matter is just an excuse to mess around and watch movies no one likes.
English- Austin Powers
French- The wedding singer, haven't seen this movie in like 5 years and never what to watch it again lol.
Music- Bugsy Malone
Re- Final destination
History- Peter Kay, that i had to watch balancing on the edge of a table because i didn't get a chair, darn.
After all that exciting viewing we had to go back to form so mshowarth could give us the usual don't break you arm during the holiday speech. And say bye to helen, my mate of 11 years moving school, nooooo come back =( Then it was chocolate time! =P
NO more year 9k, yay.

Current Mood: end of an ok year
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